A population of animals is growing exponentially, and an ecologist has made the following table of the population size, in thousands, at the start of the given year.

Year 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Population in thousands 5.240 5.450 5.668 5.865 6.131 6.376


Looking over the table, the ecologist realizes that one of the entries for population size is in error. Which entry is it, and what is the correct population? (Round your population answer to three decimal places.)

Year Population in Thousands
 ______? ________________?
idenny  Mar 29, 2017

We need to find the growth constant, k 


5.450  = 5.240e^( k)


k  =  ln [ 5.450 / 5.240] ≈ .0393


The error occurs in 2010  [ year 3 ].....the value should be.....


5.240e^(.0393 * 3)    ≈ 5.896


Sorry  for the delay in answering your question.......I just saw it....!!!



cool cool cool

CPhill  Mar 29, 2017

I got the answer already, it was 5.894... But seriously CPhil thank you! You're like a father to me, because youre always there for me hahaha

idenny  Mar 29, 2017

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