Suppose a ship is sailing at a rate of 20 km/h parellel to a straight shoreline. The ship is 8 km from shore when it passes a lighthouse at 1 pm. 


a) Let h be the distance between the lighthouse and the ship. Let d be the distance from the ship has travelled since 1 pm. Express h as a function of d. Please include a diagram. 


b) Express d as a function of t, the time elapsed since 1 pm.


c) Find hod. What does this function represent?

alfagameel  Jun 23, 2018

a)  The distance ( in km ) that the ship is from the lighthouse at any time  after 1 PM is given  by :


h (d)   =  √ [ 8^2  +  (d)^2 ]   where d is the distance ( in km ) the ship has traveled since 1 PM



b )   d(t)  =  20t    where  t  is the time (in hours) since 1PM


c)  h° d  =  h[d(t) ]   =  √ [ 8^2 + (20t)^2 ]    which represents the total distance (in km) the ship is from the lighthouse at  any time  t  (in hours)  after 1PM



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CPhill  Jun 24, 2018

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