a square field has an area of 479ft^2

what is the approximate length of a side of the field

give your answer to the nearest foot.

Mathnolic  Sep 7, 2017

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Why are you confused? What is the area of a square?

Area = S^2, where S = Side of the square.

S^2 = 479   take the square root of both sides.

S = Sqrt(479)

S = 21.89 = ~ 22 feet - side length of the field. 

Guest Sep 7, 2017

Firstly, \(\sqrt{479}≈21.8\), making the problem mostly done already.

it will be 22 ft approximately, since the decimal point is larger than 5.

ANSWER : 22 ft

XxdenurlxX  Sep 7, 2017

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