Determine if each pair of triangles are congruent.  If so, write a congruence statement with a congruence condition. Which rigid transformation map one onto the other?  If you determine the pair of triangles is not congruent, justify your answer.







Guest May 17, 2017

I  want you to help with this answer.

There are 4 tests for congruent triangles.  You must know them off by heart. What are they?

Please type them in.


Look here to help you.

If you click on the tests like SSS then a new page comes up to explain it.

These tests are a little different from the ones I use but they mean the same thing.




The tests i would have said were   SSS. SAS, AAS and RHS  but either way you have to say each of those in a sentence and know what they mean and how to used them.


Please no one else jump in and explain more unless the asker shows he/she is trying to understand first.

We are not here just to do homework for people. We are here to help them learn!

Melody  May 17, 2017
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