Here's a graph of a linear function. Write the equation that describes that function. Express it in slope-intercept form


 Jul 18, 2020

Well, as you can see, the function is a line

y = mx + b    is  slope intercept form of a line   m = slope  b = y axis intercept (when x = 0)


Find two 'convenient' points like   -3,2    and   0,-4

    calculate the slope, m   as    (y1-y2) / (x1-x2)

       you will then have   y = mx + b


      then put one of the points into your building equation to calculate 'b'  

             (BTW you can 'see'  'b' where x = 0 the value of b is shown as -4 on the graph)

 Jul 18, 2020

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