Hi friends,


I trust you are all doing well...I have here g(x)=aCos(x-30)...now they ask to calculate a...for 4 marks

I know that a is the amplitude, and I can read it of the graph, it's 1. 


How do we calculate that?..Please help. Thank you kindly..

 Jun 9, 2023



I do not think your question is complete Juriemagic.


Anyway your question is presumably in degrees.


the amplitude is 'a', the wavelength is 720 degrees  (2pi radians)


and the diplacement is 30 degrees to the right


 Jun 11, 2023

Hi Melody,


Thanks for your feedback...well, the question how I gave it is preceisely how it is on the paper...They give the graph, you can clearly see "a" is 1, yet they ask to calculate "a" for 4 mnarks...anycase, thanks for your time...always appreciated...stay well..

juriemagic  Jun 11, 2023

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