North High School has a math club and a science club.   There are a students in the math club and b students who are members of both clubs.  The total number of students is c.   Find an expression for the total number of students who are in the math club or the science club but not both.  Give your answer in simplest form.

 Jan 17, 2024

Note: Im assuming that all the students have to take a class, any moderators please correct me if my assumption is wrong, I just assumed becuase otherwise I thought the problem was unsolvable.



The number of students in only math club is \(a-b\).

Therefore, the number of students in science club is \(c - (a - b) = c-a+b\)

The number of people in only science club is \(c-a\)

The number of students that are only in 1 course is \(c-b\)

 Jan 18, 2024

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