Annville Junior High School has a math club and a science club.  There are $3$ students in the math club and $3$ students who are members of both clubs.  There are twice as many students in the science club as in the math club.   Find the total number of students who are in the math club or the science club (or both).

 May 9, 2024

The wording of this problem is weird, but I think it's basically asking to find the total amount of students. 


Because there are 3 students in math club, science club has double that with 6!


Ok, so now we know there are 3 kids in math club, 3 kids in both, and 6 kids in science. Are we done? 


The answer is ofcourse not. We have to subtract the duplicates, which is the kids in both. We subtract 3 from both clubs so that we now have kids ONLY in math and ONLY in science. The kids ONLY in math are 0, and the kids ONLY in science is 3. 




So there are 6 students in total!


I hoped I answered your question! 


Thanks! :) :) :)

 May 9, 2024

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