There are 97 students in South High School.  South High School offers only Chinese and Spanish.  There are $5$ more students in Chinese than Spanish, and every student takes at least one language.  If $27$ students take only Spanish, then how many take both languages?

 Jan 6, 2022

I'm not sure, but there are 46 Spanish students and 51 Chinese students.

97 students speak at least one language.

27 of them are only Spanish. ONLY

Means (46 - 27 =) 19 students speak two languages (Spanish and Chinese).

But it could be more because some of the Chinese students can maybe speak two languages, there is no information about this.


x is the total of students that speak two languages.


So \(19 \leq x \leq 70\) . 

 Jan 6, 2022
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