Six children are each offered a single scoop of any of 3 flavors of ice cream from the Combinatorial Creamery. In how many ways can each child choose a flavor for their scoop of ice cream so that each flavor of ice cream is selected by at least two children?

 Feb 20, 2023

That depend on which child in the queue you are talking about.

The first 2 children can choose any that they want.

After that it dpends on what the ealier children have.


what you have here is 2 scoops of each flavour, distributed one each to 6 different shildren.

AABBCC   that is the scoops.

How many ways can that be arranged.


6!/(2!2!2!) = 6!/8 = 3*5*6 = 90 ways that the icecream can be given out.

 Feb 20, 2023

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