Challenge problems annoy me, figuratively and literally, especially when there's a twist in the story as well. 


So, I discovered this problem a couple of days ago, and ummm, help?


On one side of a riverbank, there are two 200 lb. adults and two 100 lb. children. They have a rowboat, which anyone can row, but the boat can only hold a maximum of 200 lbs. How will they manage to get everyone across the river using only the rowboat? They can't swim! Can you come up with a solution?


How is this even possible? 


Thanks! :)

 Jun 1, 2024
edited by NotThatSmart  Jun 1, 2024

                                                                  Resulting situation                  

2 C row over 1 C comes back      →         1C 2A         1C

1A rows over 1 C comes back      →         2C 1A         1A

2C  row over  1 A comes back      →         2A               2C

1A  rows over 1C comes back      →        1A 1C         1C 1A

1A rows over 1C comes back       →          2C              2A

2C row over                                   →          0                 2C 2A



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 Jun 1, 2024

Oh wait! That's so smart. 


I totally forgot that the children could row the boat back!


I was confused since only one adult could fit on the boat, meaning it would be "impossible" to succeed! I totally missed out on that LOL. 


Well, thanks a lot CPhill!



NotThatSmart  Jun 1, 2024

LOL!!!   Thanks !!!!


cool cool cool

CPhill  Jun 1, 2024

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