Marj needs to round , and she wants the result to be as large as possible. She has to round to the nearest thousand, the nearest hundred, the nearest ten, the nearest integer, the nearest tenth, or the nearest hundredth. What is the largest possible rounded value she can attain?

 Jan 11, 2021


Nearest ten

Step-by-step explanation:

Here, we want to know the highest value that can be attained if this number is rounded up to the decimal places given in the question.

The best way to go about this is rounding this number to each of the decimal places and see the one that has the largest value.

We proceed as follows;

Nearest hundred = 300

Nearest ten = 350

Nearest integer = 346

Nearest tenth = 345.7

Nearest hundredth = 345.67

It can be seen from all the above values that the highest value we have is the nearest ten


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 Jan 11, 2021

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