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The male resplendent quetzal bird has evolved to have tail feathers that are approximately 60 cm long. The female quetzal has short tail feathers. Using the quetzal as your example, describe how the mechanism of natural selection may have led to the evolution of the male quetzal’s extraordinarily long tail feathers.

 Apr 5, 2019


It's probably that the female prefers long tail feathers - your guess is as good as mine why she would - so the females allow the males with longer tail feathers to mate with them.  Since the males with long tail feathers mate more, there are more long-tailed offspring to carry that trait and keep passing it on. 



 Apr 5, 2019

It has to be understood that the reason behind the male quetzal’s extraordinarily long tail feathers must have been due to the preferring of males with long feathers by the females. this ultimately led to the extinction of the males with smaller feathers. I hope that this is the answer that has come to your help.


-- 7H3_5H4D0W

 Apr 5, 2019

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