Hi good people!,


I trust you guys are all well. Please help me with a few questions, I'll post them in different posts. I have 3 questions this morning, the first is to solve \(x\)




I'm helping a student, but ran into 3 difficulties!..Thanx guys!!!

juriemagic  Nov 1, 2017

3.2^x  =  24    take the log of both sides


log  3.2^x  =  log 24       and we can write


x * log 3.2  = log 24       divide both sides by  log 3.2


x  =  log 24  / log 3.2  ≈   2.732



cool cool cool

CPhill  Nov 1, 2017

Thank you CPhill,


I would never have thought of that..your help is greatly appreciated!

juriemagic  Nov 1, 2017

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