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I need help with #1.b)

I got tan θ = -1.7, with θ = -59.5°. I got tan θ right, while θ = 120.5° in the textbook.


How should I get an answer of 120.5°?

 Jan 30, 2019

You have the correct idea.....


The angle that you found is  a reference  angle of   59.5° in the 4th quadrant 


But....If you look carefully, you will  note that the measure of  this angle plus the measure of  θ  = 180°


So....to find θ....we have that


59.5 +  θ  =  180        subtract 59.5 from both sides


θ  = 120.5°


cool cool cool

 Jan 30, 2019

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