Recommended by Melody, I am posting this here.      

link: http://invite.gg/math


This forum actually has an epic Discord server. If you don't know, Discord is a place where people get together, and talk with each other, no limitations. It's 100% free and will remain that way. 


A server is a public group chat sort of thing. There are roles, channels, and more!


Anyways, here is a link to the server: http://invite.gg/math


Ask and answer questions the easy way, right through Discord! Join today!



Do you like math? Are you stuck on a math question you really need the answer to? What if I told you there is a whole community focused to that? What if you are feeling generous and want to help someone out? Well the Web2.0Server community is focused toward that, and we would really love if you join!


Moderators, please do not remove this. I am trying my best to make this forum bigger, that's why I'm promoting the forum through Discord. If you want to moderate in the Discord server, feel free to join, and I will give you Moderator permissions. Thank you!


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 Apr 10, 2020
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Just to be clear.

I am not necessarily recommending the use of discord.

I really do not understand it but I do think Asad means well.

I have vaguely wanted to learn to use discord for a while now.



All I recommended to Asad is that he posted publicly rather than just privately to me. 

People can make up their own minds if this has any benefit to them.


If anyone has anything constructive to say that would be good.

 Apr 11, 2020
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I have some constructive things to say:


If you are not explicitly endorsing Discord, then edit the post above and remove the

“Recommended by Melody” line, or at least strike it out.


Add some fries to AsadRehman’s Happy Meal –he’s definitely a few fries short...

Guest Apr 12, 2020
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are you jewish

Guest Apr 12, 2020

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