Aug 7, 2020

Why are you drawing people's attention to this question?

You only posted it an hour ago, which is almost no time at all


you say you already know how to do it.

 Aug 7, 2020

I agree with Melody. Sometimes, people may not know how to answer the problem, and then they skip it and move on to a different problem. (like me, sorry for being picky...)


Also, if you are actually confused about this question, and don't want to confess it, you could post anonymously, (but then what's the purpose of creating an account?)


Nobody is calling you a liar, as that is rude. But, if you really need help with the problem, just say that you need help. Nobody is here to judge you (unless you are rude about your question...but that is not judgement...that's just discipline) It also increases the posibility that your question is answered :)


Concerning the math question that you had...I'm confused...how do you multiply\add points? Anybody able to explain? (maybe even you, TigerNathan, as you solved the problem already) It would be good for my learning experiance.



ilorty  Aug 7, 2020
edited by ilorty  Aug 7, 2020

I don't think they are points....they are lines between the points....

ElectricPavlov  Aug 7, 2020

Oh! That makes more sense!


Thanks EP!



ilorty  Aug 7, 2020

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