Hey Guys!

I'm in a really emergency situation, please help.

The question is: What's the N sentence in this:


You know, it continous with this pattern, but what if we want to find 1000th sentence?


 Oct 15, 2017

Wouldn't 1,000th sentence consist of 1,000 5s?. Or 555555555555.........1,000 of them? And what do you want done with the sequence? Add them all up? 5+55+555+5555........to 1000 5s?.

 Oct 15, 2017

\(F(n) = \sum_{i=1}^n 0.5*10^i\)


This would be the n'th term in this sentence if I understood your question correctly. You can input n=1,n=2 to get the first and second term. By putting in n=1000 you will get your desired answer. I'm not going to type out a thousand 5's but hopefully you get the idea of why this works. 

 Oct 15, 2017

Thanks. I've got my answer.

I have absolutely "Nothing" to do with this. Actually, my education system is not very practical. this is a sample question from a sample test that a 9th-grade math teacher said. All of his questions are really hard to solve.

Thank you again.

P.S: Sorry for my bad English.

 Oct 15, 2017
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