l have a few questions.







Are we being forced to live?


Why is it our responsibilty to continue the human race?


What if you feel as if you cannot continue to pursue a fruitless quest for purpose? 


ls illegal or immoral to commit suicide?







Just a few questions bothering me.

 Apr 18, 2017

Idk...um... i think we're being forced to live, uhh

 Apr 18, 2017

I think the fact that society has taken away ambition, drive, and selfishness from our kids and our people is what has destoryed us as a society. 
We all grew up being told to share our toys and to never be selfish.
I think that's bogus.
yeah i mean, don't go around being a jerk to everyone and doing what you want.
But, In my opinion, everything is meaningless, it's meaningless to live but- It's also incredibly meaningless to die. 
So i live life doing what makes me happy, and living life for me, and not others. I do what makes me happy, and I'm happy to do what makes others happy. I don't think it's illegal or immoral to commit suicide, but I think it's a dumb desicion. I think life should be lived, by your own word, your own standards, for yourself. 

 Apr 18, 2017

My opinion.

 There is a creature with higher intelligence controlling us.(Maybe not god, Studies have shown that God is only slightly possible but here we call it god first. Read P.S.) God knows when you die, how you die, so if you suicide, God knows because he planned all human's life. Even if you are lucky that you did not die from attempt to suicide, God still knows because he already planned it. So, commit suicide isn't immoral, he knows.


 To respond the question "Why is it our responsibilty to continue the human race?", I think that there is a kind of mysterious power to make us want to continue the human race while not knowing why. 


 "Are we being forced to live?" I think not. God has planned everything(Not god again, read P.S.) and he knows if you do not want to live and he will control you to suicide.


I think this opinion is so negative...... but I really think so.


P.S. Studies have shown that the probability of "We are just a kind of simulator" is about 100,000 times higher than the probability of "We are created by god".


Another P.S. I am 14, and I have been thinking about these kind of "philosophical" questions since last year

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 Apr 18, 2017

Hi Max,

I think you have been watching The Matrix.  :)

Fabulous movie by the way!   (Only the first one)

Melody  Apr 18, 2017

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