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Agent Hunt transferred classified files from the CIA mainframe onto his flash drive. The drive had some files on it before the transfer, and the transfer happened at a rate of 4.4megabytes per second. After 32 seconds, there were 384 megabytes on the drive. The drive had a maximum capacity of 1000 megabytes.


How long from the time that Agent Hunt started the transfer did it take the drive to be completely full?​


it was 243.2 megabytes full when it started, or 24.32% full.

 May 30, 2018

We need to  solve this :


Beginning amount  +  amountt filled per second  = 1000


243.2  + 4.4 t   = 1000      subtract 243.2 from both sides


4.4 t   =  756.8   divide both sides by 4.4


t  = 756.8 / 4.4  =   172


It took 172 seconds to fill the drive





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 May 30, 2018
edited by CPhill  May 30, 2018

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