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Find all solutions x of the inequality  \(\frac{5}{24} + \left|x-\frac{11}{48}\right| < \frac{5}{16}\)

Express your answer in interval notation, simplifying all fractions in your answer.

 Jun 13, 2018


1) Isolate the absolute value part

2) For absolute value inequalities, split the inequality into two parts, then solve.

For one of the parts, just drop the absolute value and solve.
For the second part, drop the absolute value, flip the inequality sign and make the other side negative. 
\(x-\frac{11}{48}<\frac{5}{48}\\ x<\frac{16}{48}\\ x<\frac{1}{3}\) and  \(x-\frac{11}{48}>-\frac{5}{48}\\ x>\frac{6}{48}\\ x>\frac{1}{8}\)
3) Turn that into interval notation.



 Jun 13, 2018
edited by ChowMein  Jun 13, 2018
edited by ChowMein  Jun 13, 2018

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