I know how to get the answer, but are we expected to know and memorize the different values of cosine and sin with radians. Like are we supposed to know what sin 7pi/4 without a calculator. Because the last step is (sin 7pi/4)/(cos 7pi/4). I have absolutely no idea what is going on right now.

pls help I might implode. And can you also give an explanation on how to solve the problem. thxx  0_o

 Apr 10, 2024

tan (7pi/4)


Note that this  really     tan ( 2pi - pi/4)  


So...it's just  a 45°  angle in the 4th quadrant =   tan (- pi / 4)


tan (pi/4)  =  1


But in the 4th quadrant the tangent  is  -




tan (7pi/4)  = tan (- pi /4)  =   -1


cool cool cool

 Apr 10, 2024

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