Find the distances from (-2,-4) to each of (-6, 8), (5,2) and (9, 5).

Guest May 19, 2017

2+0 Answers


First, know the distance formula:




Now, simply substitute the values into this formula and simplify:








Of course, put all radicals in simplest radical form. I also included an approximate decimal to the ten thousandths place:




Let's continue this process for the rest of the points. I'll do the distance from (-2,-4) to (-6,8):








The square root of 85 is already in simplest radical form, so no need to do anymore.




Guest May 19, 2017

The previous didn't find the final distance from (-2,-4) to (9,5), so I will:








The square root of 122 has no perfect square factors, so it is already in simplest radical form.

Guest May 19, 2017

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