Find the magnitude of the resultant of two vectors u and v, given lul=2, lvl=7, and the angle between the vectors when they are arranged tail to tail is 40 degrees

Guest Nov 24, 2018

Since we can position the vectors as we wish


Let both have their initial point at (0,0)


Let the terminal point of u   = (2,0)


And let the terminal point of v be   ( 7cos (40°)  ,  7sin (40°)  )


The x component  of the resultant is     2 + 7cos(40°)

The y component of the reultant is  7sin (40°)


The magnitude of the resultant is


√ ( ( 7cos (40°) + 2 )^2 +   (7sin (40°))^2 ) ≈ 8.6 units 




cool cool cool

CPhill  Nov 24, 2018

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