The volume of a cube can be found using the equation V = s³, where V is the volume and s is the measure of one side of the cube. Match the equation for how to solve for the side length of a cube to its description. Drag the equation to the box to match the description.

A cube has a volume of 1833 in³.

A. s=1833−−−−√ in.   B. s=18333−−−−−√3 in.     C. s=18333−−−−−√ in.      D. s=1833−−−−√3 in.

Guest Sep 1, 2017


These all look a little funky


To find the side just take the cube root of the volume




Side  =  ∛ 1833  ≈   12.238 in


[ I suppose  "D" comes closest  ]



cool cool cool

CPhill  Sep 1, 2017

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