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For the credit card account, assume one month between billing dates  (with the appropriate number of days) and interest of 1.5% per month on the average daily balance. Find (a) the average daily balance, (b) the monthly finance charge, and (c) the account balance for the next billing.

Previous  Balance: $457.33


January 10 Billing Date

January 13 Returns $102.89

January 22 Clothes $132.53

January 25 Bus tickets $79.78

February 2 Payment $105

February 6 Flowers $52.47


(a) The average daily balance is $___

​(b) the monthly finance​charge $____

(c) the account balance for the next billing. $_____

(Round to the nearest cent as  needed.)

 Dec 5, 2017

Do exactly the same with this one as "Guest" showed you how to do the other one. Just change the numbers.

 Dec 6, 2017

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