For the period 1990 - 2000, the amount of money y (in billions of dollars) spent on advertising in the U.S. can be modeled by the function y = 0.93x^2 + 2.2x + 130 where x is the number of years since 1990. In what year was 164 billion dollars spent on advertising? 

 Apr 12, 2018
edited by GAMEMASTERX40  Apr 12, 2018

Let's solve this with a graph, GameMaster


Look here :    https://www.desmos.com/calculator/gt2fmgddhr


Note that 164 billion was reached after about 4.978 years ≈ 5 years  =  about 1995



cool cool cool

 Apr 12, 2018
edited by CPhill  Apr 12, 2018

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