If I want to make a Damascus blade with 1000 layers, how many layers do I need to start with so that I end up with 1000 layers?  What equation can I use to get the right answer?  Please show each step when answering.

 Sep 21, 2018

125 ?   Not sure how to make a damascus blade....but if you fold it in half several times to complete it, the whole number 125 will work

125    fold in half  = 250  fold in half =  500     fold in half = 1000


Just sequentially divide 1000 by 2 until you get no further whole numbers

1000 /2=500


250/2=125    <--------!

125/2=62.5   XXXXXX

 Sep 21, 2018

Someone actually gave you a point for this bulllshit. How can you NOT see logarithmic and exponential relationships in a simple question like this, when you answer interest rate questions all the time?

Guest Sep 22, 2018


EP, it seems that I’m not the only one who confuses you for the Blarney Banker.


To me, this post is not very consistent with Mr. BB’s style, but we all have our brain-dead moments. These moments are a way-of-life for the forum’s BBs, and rarely is there a discontinuity.



GingerAle  Sep 23, 2018

if you start with one layer and double the number of layers with each fold, and noting that




it's clear that 10 folds is 1024 layers


if you wanted some number of layers that was enormous say N you would find


\(folds = \left \lceil \log_2(N) \right \rceil\)




\(\lceil x \rceil = \text{ the least integer }k,~\ni k > x\)

 Sep 21, 2018
edited by Rom  Sep 22, 2018

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