Zeno had to paint a 15' * 15' square floor. He decided that each day he would paint half of the unpainted part from the previous day until there was only one square foot or less left, in which case he would stay and finish the job that day. Using this strategy, how many days did it take Zeno to paint the entire floor?


I have no idea how to begin solving this. Thanks in advance.

Guest Apr 3, 2018

[15 x 15] x 1/2^N = 1

225 x 1/2^N = 1      divide both sides by 225

1/2^N =1 / 225        take the log of both sides

N =Log(1/225) / Log(1/2)

N =7.81 =~ 8 days for Zeno to complete the painting.

Guest Apr 3, 2018

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