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\(In the figure shown, the ratio of $BD$ to $DC$ is $4$ to $3$. The area of $\triangle ABD$ is $24$ square centimeters. What is the area of $\triangle ADC$? \)


Edited by Melody to make it readable:

In the figure shown, the ratio of BD to DC is 4 to 3. The area of triangle ABD is 24 square centimeters.

What is the area of triangle ADC?

 Oct 1, 2018
edited by shreyas1  Oct 2, 2018
edited by Melody  Oct 2, 2018

pls can someone help

I have been waiting for someone to help me for a long time

 Oct 2, 2018

Hi Shreyas1,


You most likely would have had an answer much more quickly if your question was presented in a readable fashion!

But here is your answer  smiley


\(\frac{BD}{DC}=\frac{4}{3}\\ \text{so let BD=4x and DC=3x }\\ Area\;\;\triangle ABD=0.5*4x*h=24\\ \qquad \qquad 2xh=24\\ \qquad \qquad xh=12\\~\\ Area\;\;\triangle ABC=0.5*7x*h\\ Area\;\;\triangle ABC=3.5xh\\ Area\;\;\triangle ABC=3.5*12\\ Area\;\;\triangle ABC=42cm^2\\\)


NOW do the subtraction to get the final answer :)




 Oct 2, 2018

Hey melody,

how are you. Thank you for answering my question. Also sorry about the question, I will try to not do that again. And by subtracting you get 18 right :)

shreyas1  Oct 2, 2018

Yes that sounds good :)

Melody  Oct 3, 2018

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