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AB and CD meet at point E. m∠AEC = 18 + 5x. Find m∠BEC, m∠BED, and ∠AED in terms of x.

 Sep 9, 2018

AEC    and    BED    are equal (opposite angles)       BED = 18 + 5x


Angles AED and BEC are also equal opposite angles   and    added to the angle next to them (18+5x) equal 180


So   AED = BEC          AED +18+5x=180     AED = 162-5x = BEC

 Sep 9, 2018

Angle BED is 18+5x

Angle DEA is 162-5x

Angle CEB is 162-5x

Angle CEB = Angle DEA

Angle BED = Angle CEA

 Sep 9, 2018

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