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You have been assigned the job of replacing the glass on the Louvre Pyramid. The newest technology glass is completely maintenance free. This new glass costs $10.99 per square foot. What would the material cost of renovating this landmark. 

The Louvre Pyramid has a square base with side lengths of 112ft and a height of 71ft. 

 Jun 5, 2019

The slant height of the pyramid  =  √[ (112/2)^2  + 71^2] = √8177 ft


So....we have 4 triangles, each with a base of  112 ft  and a height of  √8177 ft


So.....the total area (in sq ft) * cost per sq ft of glass = total cost  =


4 (1/2) * 112 *√8177  * 10.99  ≈  $222,609



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 Jun 5, 2019

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