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The height of a cylindrical pole is 12 feet and its circumference is 2 feet. A rope is attached to a point on the circumference at the bottom of the pole. The rope is then wrapped tightly around the pole four times before it reaches a point on the top directly above the starting point at the bottom. What is the minimum number of feet in the length of the rope? Express your answer in simplest radical form.

 Nov 1, 2019

We can form a rectangle that is 12 ft high  and has a width of 4* 2ft  = 8 ft


The rope will form the diagonal of this rectangle and will have a length of


√[12^2 + 8^2]  =


√[144 + 64 ] =


√[ 16 ( 9 + 4) ]  =


4√13  ft


cool cool cool

 Nov 1, 2019

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