how would you describe a dusty book as a simile sentence? 


please help thank you :)

Nerd123  Apr 16, 2018

I sort of don't understand what you are asking, but ill take a guess.....


The book was as dusty as an old seat....

Guest Apr 16, 2018

thank you smiley

Nerd123  Apr 16, 2018

The book looked as dusty as the antique table it sat on in the attic, unkept and left to age until it was gone.

rarinstraw1195  Apr 16, 2018

What? I don't understand the question.

IAmJeff  Apr 16, 2018

A simile is comparing something to something else using the words like or as. 


The Sun was like a burning ball in the sky.


The blizzard covered the ground with snow as white as cotton. 


You may compare a dusty book with almost anything, use your imagination!

GYanggg  Apr 16, 2018

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