Please get out a graph for this one. The points A (5,4), B (1,0) and C (9,0) form a triangle. Only one of the following statements about the triangle is true. The true statement is



a) The Triangle is acute

b) The area of the triangle is 20 u squared

c) The point (7,3) is inside the triangle 

d) The perimeter of the triangle is 16u 

e) Angle ACB=45 degrees

Hans007  May 7, 2017

Look  at the image :



(a)  is untrue.....angle BAC  = 90

(b)  is untrue...the area  =  (1/2)(8)(4) =  16 u^2

(c) is obviously false

(d) false...The perimeter > 16  =  5.66*2 + 8  =  about 19.32

(e)  is true.....AB  = AC   so.....since BAC  = 90......the  two  angles opposite these two sides are = 45



cool cool cool

CPhill  May 7, 2017
edited by CPhill  May 7, 2017

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