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The graph of y = f(x) is shown below.


For each point (a,b) that is on the graph of y = f(x), the point ((a - 7)/2, (3b + 1)/4) is plotted, forming the graph of another function y = g(x). As an example, the point (0,2) lies on the graph of y = f(x), so the point  lies on the graph of y = g(x).


(a) Plot the graph of y = g(x). Include the diagram as part of your solution.


(b) Express g(x) in terms of f(x)


(c) Describe the transformations that can be applied to the graph of y = f(x) to obtain the graph of y = g(x). For example, one transformation could be to stretch the graph vertically by a factor of 4.

 Jan 28, 2023

if you provide the graph with an image or a link to the image maybe we can help you

 Jan 28, 2023

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