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Camelot is becoming quite a polished community.


SpawnofAngel is now  "The director of Camelot's Royal Play House."


We, the citizens of Camelot, Congratulate Spawn on his new Royal office.


Spawn is already working on a productions of Romeo and Juliet but he does need helpers, actors, stagehands etc, etc.


He is looking for people to help him with his great venture.


HeatherF  I am  wondering if you would be interested in helping Spawn proof and polish his play as he is writing his own version?  Maybe you could help with other aspects of the production as well, I know thee has a wonderful way with words.  Together you could WOW any Magical World audience.


SpawnofAngel is very keen to hear from anyone who would be interested in getting involved.  It could be a lot of fun!  indecision


Just write a postrhere to show your interest or send him a private message :)

 Mar 3, 2016

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