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Classify each equation as exponential growth or exponential decay. Sketch the curve.


1. f(x)=1/2 * 5^x

2. f(x)=(6/5)^x

3. f(x)=4 * (3/8)^x


I think the first one is growth but I'm not sure. Please show any work because I need to understand this. Thank you. 

 Aug 13, 2019

1  as x gets bigger so does 5^x  and so does the expression :  Growth

2 as x gets bigger so does (6/5)^x      Growth

3  As x gets bigger  3/8 ^x gets smaller    decay


if the number that is raised to the 'x' power is  greater than 1    growth

if the number is less than one    decay

 Aug 14, 2019

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