so basically i searched up an answer and it turned out to be wrong. (gingerale and heureka both missed it)

why can't any non-moderators solve anything ughhhhhhhhhh

 Feb 26, 2020

Whoa, dude  !!!


GA  and heureka  are two of our BEST  answerers....


Nobody  gets EVERYTHING correct......but....I'd say that they are right  about 99%  of  the time....


Besides....we don't even know  what problem you are  referring to.....!!!!



cool cool cool

 Feb 26, 2020

Agree with Chris....If they both got an incorrect answer, it is VERY, VERY unlikely you posted the question either incorrectly or it was very ambiguously written and subject to interpretation..     Poster quite often post incorrect questions with questionable to completely incorrect syntax and very poor English.    We are not computers......I make a lot of mistakes, but Chris, Heureka, GA , Alan . Melody, Geno rarely do !!!!

 Feb 27, 2020

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