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\(The\ solutions\ to\ the\ equation\\ 6x^2 + 10x = 4 - 10x - 6x^2\\ can\ be\ written\ in\ the\ form\ x=\frac{P\pm \sqrt Q}{R},\\ where\ P \ and\ R\ are\ relatively\\ prime\ integers\ and\ R>0. \\ What\ is\ the\ product\ PQR ?\) 

 Also on the web already, the answer is wrong, and I want a nudge.... Not all of the Answer...

 Jun 22, 2019

\(6x^2 +10x = 4-10x-6x^2\\ 12x^2 + 20x - 4 = 0\\ 3x^2 +5x - 1 = 0\\ \)
Then use quadratic formula, simplify, and you get the values of P, Q, and R. Multiply them together and you are done.

 Jun 22, 2019

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