If my hampster is stuck in a bucket, could I use the pythagorem therom to take it out? This seems like an odd question, but we are studying triangles in geometry, so I thought I could impress my teacher. My freind got the class hampster stuck, and i need to find a math related way to get him out, If I could calculate the right angle of where to pull, do you think I could get him out? Don't worry, we cut out the bottom of the hampster's bucket so it is safe. It is a small bucket and a large hampster. Please help me on this. I think that angles can really help me in this situation. Thanks! Please answer quickly!


(Sorry for any typos)

Guest May 31, 2017

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The bucket must be rotated an angle of 180ยบ   laugh

hectictar  May 31, 2017

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