why cant you divide 0?

Guest Aug 19, 2018

There are easy to follow reasons given at https://www.mathsisfun.com/numbers/dividing-by-zero.html


Alan  Aug 19, 2018

Actually (this is the same guy who asked the question) you cant because that if you divide the numbers below zero is actually have higher numbers or answers... But if zero... Example: 8 divided by zero will be infinity (because the lower than one you divide... The higher it will be) but no! Cause of this conclusion: if you divide infinity to zero... You must get one... And is you do (infinity divided by zero) + (infinity divided by zero) is 2... From the easier way... (Infinity + infinity) + (zero + zero) is 1... ITS INSANE... Thats why if you divide ANY NUMBER from zero... You get this message: ERROR



Guest Aug 20, 2018

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