I sent a letter to admin and this is the response I recieved.




 Here is the link




I followed these instructions and it is working for me properly now.


Thanks Admin.   cool

 Jan 5, 2020

Hectictar just told me that another way to deal with this issue is to change the word  questions   in the address by to answers


That sounds like a neat alternative.  She is not sure if it always will work though.


Thanks Hectictar.  cool

 Jan 5, 2020


Hi Melody.  I don't know if this is related, but I'll pass it along for what it's worth.  Yesterday I tried to open the calculator, and got an image that looked like a caricature of a mall security punk and an announcement that I was blocked because the site would not admit anyone who is using AdBlock.  Well, fine, it's their site and they can do what they want, but the thing is, I'm not using AdBlock, nor any other ad blocker.  Today I tried again and did get into the calculator.   


 Jan 5, 2020

Thanks for the input guest  laugh


There are glitches with the newest updates.

Hopefully admin will sort them all out soon.


I can't blame admin for disallowing ad blocking. It is the only way that sites are able to pay for themselves.

Melody  Jan 5, 2020
edited by Melody  Jan 5, 2020

i haven't been going through any troubles, but i feel like i will, with your technical difficulties!

 Jan 6, 2020

I need help, I can't use the calculator of this page, the web says "access denied for adblock users" but I don't have any adblock, i don't know what is happening.

 Jan 6, 2020

Maybe you have an adblocker that you do not know about ?


If you are not sure maybe one of our other users can help you find out. 

I can't, I do not know about such things. 

But I am sure others would be able to .

Melody  Jan 6, 2020

and you know where can i ask to this users? i don't want a stop to use this calculator, i love this tool sorry for my english :)

Guest Jan 7, 2020

1) One suggestion would be to make a new post of your own.

Ask if any users can help you with your adblocker problem.


2) Maybe also some you know in person, like a friend or relative, (not on the forum) might know more than you and might be able to help you.


3)  Here is one site that might help.  

OR maybe do your own search, you might find better help.

Like this is for internet explorer, maybe you need instructions for Google Chrome or some other browser.




Melody  Jan 7, 2020

well, it's a fucking shame that i can't use this incredible tool anymore because i tried everything for a week but i don't get anything,i hope you gonna fix that guys but meanwhile i'll use another calculator

Guest Jan 14, 2020
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