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A golf ball has been hit off of the tee at an angle of elevation of 30 degrees and an initial velocity of 128 ft/sec. Using the helpful parametric models for projectile motion answer the following questions.

x ( t ) = v 0 cos ⁡ ( θ ) t

y ( t ) = h 0 + v 0 sin ⁡ ( θ ) t − 16 t 2

a.) How long is the ball in the air (hang time)?

b.) What is the maximum height of the ball?

c.) How far, horizontally, does the ball travel in the air? (round to the nearest foot)

 Apr 20, 2019
edited by Guest  Apr 20, 2019

a)  When the ball hits the ground, y will = 0

set the second equation = 0 and solve for 'hang time'


b)  Max height will be =  -  b/2a   from the second equation     -16t^2 + v sin (theta)  t + h0          b= v sine theta    a = -16


c)  use t from question a) and substitute into the x equation to find the distance



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 Apr 20, 2019
edited by ElectricPavlov  Apr 20, 2019

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