Hello, I know that this site constantly recieves an extreme amount of questions and I think it is great for indvidiuals to help each other. That being said, I do have one math question that I am stuck on, but I understand if it dosen't get reviewed. I appreciate the help anyways, thanks. :)


Heres my question:

A small company borrows money and remains in debt to its lenders for a period of time. The functionf(x)=−4x2+10x+60f(x)=−4x2+10x+60 represents the amount of debt the company has, in thousands of dollars, x years after opening its business.


Approximately how many years after opening its business will the company be out of debt?


4.7 years

5.3 years

5.8 years

6.4 years

Guest May 30, 2018

5.3 years


If this represents their debt when it equals zero, they are out of debt:


0 = -4x^2 +10x +60     solve for 'x' using the quadratic formula    a=-4 b=10 c=60


x = 5.3 yrs

ElectricPavlov  May 30, 2018

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