Wow, I’m actually very giddy right now. Hey everyone, this is BasicMaths. Just wanted to say a quick hello on the forum. This has always been one of my math dreams; ever since I discovered this site about 2 years ago, your questions and answers have helped me through Algebra 1-2 and Geometry. I’ve always gazed longingly at the forum, waiting until the day that I could create my own personal account. Well, the day has arrived. Welp, that’s about it. Oh, by the way, I am brother to MobiusLoops, who caused some serious controversy with his 1+1+1x0+1 problem.


Your Fellow Forum Member,


 Jun 10, 2019

Welcome to the FORUM BASICS MATH what your are very welcomed here and will find it an excellent community of way's to learn and help the ones that need assitance : )

 Jun 10, 2019



  I agree the forum s my FAV Math help site super useful.... 

Nickolas  Jun 10, 2019

Hi BasicMaths

I am always really pleased when I am told believable authentic about how someone has learnt from this site.

I am glad you have finally made your own account. It is so much nicer when we know who we are talking to. 

Have fun and continue to learn lots!


laugh laugh laugh

 Jun 10, 2019

welcome BasicMaths!  smileysmileysmiley

 Jun 10, 2019

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