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Traveling at 55 miles per hour, how many minutes, rounded to the nearest whole number, does it take to drive 310 miles from Boston to Syracuse?  


These are my options: 


A. 6 


B. 338 


C. 365 


D 3,300 


I'm having trouble on figuring out where to start... 


Thank you in advanced for your spent time.

 May 31, 2019

Note that   \(\frac{\text{55 miles}}{\text{1 hour}}\ =\ \frac{\text{55 miles}}{\text{60 minutes}}\)


Let  x  be the number of minutes it takes.


\( \frac{\text{55 miles}}{\text{60 minutes}}\cdot x\text{ minutes}\ =\ 310\text{ miles}\\~\\ x\text{ minutes}\ =\ 310\text{ miles}\cdot\frac {\text{60 minutes}}{\text{55 miles}}\\~\\ x\text{ minutes}\ =\ 310\cdot\frac {60}{55}\text{ minutes}\\~\\ x\text{ minutes}\ =\ \frac{18600}{55}\text{ minutes}\\~\\ x\text{ minutes}\ \approx\ 338\text{ minutes} \\~\\ x\ \approx\ 338\)


 May 31, 2019

Nice Job!

Nickolas  May 31, 2019

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HiylinLink  May 31, 2019

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