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Solve for x: 1/2(2x − 14) = 4. 


Hello I'm having trouble performing this in fractional form could I be only be pointed int he right direction not given a dierect answer entirly; I'm picking up some new knowledge off old topics and am some reason havign trouble doing the fractional piece....



 Jun 4, 2019
edited by HiylinLink  Jun 4, 2019

Do you know how to distribute?

1/2 times 2x = x.

1/2 times -14 = -7.

Now we get x-7=4.

Can you solve it from here?


You are very welcome!


 Jun 4, 2019

Oh yes distributing isn't a problem for me I was having trouble with fraction multiplying and stuff (Thsi course is telling me how to take care of these equations with fraction's in diffrent way then before thank you yes I think I can is it fine if I post my answer alongside here to see if its correct

HiylinLink  Jun 4, 2019

And from there is 


with the given equation \(x - 7 = 4\) 


to find the solution first we take 7 and add it to the four and see that it total's 11 and x is equal to elven because 11 - 7 is equal to 4

HiylinLink  Jun 4, 2019

Good! :D

CoolStuffYT  Jun 4, 2019

Thanks and thanks alot for using your time and teaching the concept.

HiylinLink  Jun 4, 2019

We can also solve for  x  like this:


\(\frac12\)( 2x - 14 )  =  4

                                Multiply both sides of the equation by  2

2x - 14  =  8

                                Add  14  to both sides.

2x  =  22

                                Divide both sides by  2

x  =  11


This way we avoid disributing the  \(\frac12\) . In this particular case it was shorter to do it the way CoolStuffYT said, but in many other cases it is easier to work it the other way. For example:


\(\frac12\)( x - 14 )  =  4


In this example, it is easier to first multiply both sides by  2  rather than distribute  \(\frac12\) .

Try it both ways and you can see why smiley

 Jun 4, 2019

WOW thanks I'll try that thanks alot for that for the tip have a great day!

HiylinLink  Jun 4, 2019

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