What is the area of Figure ABCD?

A trapezoid ABCD is drawn with length of parallel sides AB and CD equal to 14 inches and 18 inches, respectively. The length of one of the non-parallel sides BC is 7 inches. Side BC is perpendicular to DC. A perpendicular line drawn from A to side CD meets CD at E.

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We have two shapes, A triangle and a rectangle. 


and the formula for the area's is 


Triangle \(Base * height * \frac{1}{2} = area\) 


Rectangle \(Length * With = area\) 


The first shape the rectangle has a length of 7 inches and with of 14 inches 


So lets first do the rectangle \(7 * 14 = 98 \) 


This means the area of the rectangle is 98 square inches. 


Now for the triangle the base is 4 inches and the height is 7 inches and using the formula above we will find the area  

\(4 * 7 * \frac{1}{2} = 14\)


So this means the area of the triangle is 14 square inches 


Now we add the products (Since we have been using multiplication) so 


\(98 + 14 = 102\)


So are answer is 102 Square inches 


(I hope you are grasping the concept we are teaching you have had alot of similar posts......)

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