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Help 4

 Oct 2, 2018

SERIOUSLY, NotSoSMart?  Have you EVEN TRIED to answer any of these sequential questions you have posted?  Or do you just want someone else to do your homeworK ????  cheeky

 Oct 2, 2018

no it's not that i want them to do it for me i just like when someone breaks down the problem and answer it with a good explaination like CPhill cause my math teacher doesn't do none of that as a class teacher so i come here for help

NotSoSmart  Oct 2, 2018

You have posted TWENTY questions !   Please at LEAST try to get an answer and THEN ask if you need help.......cheeky

ElectricPavlov  Oct 2, 2018

Interest  = Pricipal *rate * time


1242 * .0125 * 1 month   =  $15.53 ⇒ B



cool cool cool

 Oct 2, 2018

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